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Website Design and Development

Website design & development means building, making, creating and maintaining websites. It incorporates aspects, for example, website composition & designing, web publishing, web programming, and data Base management.


We have a team of professional "web developer" and "web designer" who are specialist in planning the layout, content, coding & designing of website interfaces by using technical tools & computer languages. Our web engineers expert in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, WordPress, PHP and Shopify.

betaPixel takes pride in building neat & modern interfaces. When you engage us to develop your website, expect a:

Modern & Classy design
Cross browser compatibility
Fully responsive website
Custom design layout
Easy management with tabs
Easy to use & navigate

If you are running an online business so you are not alone there are many others who are running their online business, so want your business to be different from each and every one. In an online business, the first step is to create or design your own website, your website should have all information that is required and it should be attractive that it could grab the attention of the public. If your web design is complete then you have to make all the function of that website that comes under the development process.

Web design is the layout of the website that is displayed on the internet that is created using Adobe Photoshop, once the layout has been set than we have to work with the functions of the website that it will have it is the development process of that website, the development process is the building and maintenance of that website which works behind the scenes to make the website look great. It is created with the help of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and other programming languages to bring to life the design files.

300 Clients worldwide+
800 Projects completed+
15 Countries+
6 No of Years of Experience+

Your website is like your home...

As people in the physical world judge you by your home, in the same way people online  judge you by your website appearance, design & development. We, Beta Pixel team, want to create the best website for your business & brands

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